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Flatwork Ironer

We produce four series of flatwork ironers, meet the needs of customers who need to flatten the sheets about machine economy, good performance, or high-grade performance requirements.

All machines have advanced inverter to control speed, the customer can adjust the ironing speed according to the different kinds of iron materials.

Equip with safe guard to prevent accident when feeding the fabric for ironing.

Chest style flat ironing machine is our star products with its ingenious hot surface heating way and have inverter to adjust the speed of cloth feeding in or out. It’s have good performance and favorable price, suitable for economical and practical hotels.

Roller style bed sheet flatwork ironer is good performance, which the roller quantity can be choose from 1 to 6,have many heating way as source, such as electric, steam or gas.

High-grade ironing machine have two series to meet 5-star hotel or 6-star hotel requirement, one series is gas heating ironing machine, which use open type conduct oil circulation system, that made no pressure inside, when stainless steel chest surface temperature reach 200℃ still safely to use.

The other series is chest-roller style flatwork ironer, which use chest and roller to make flat good performance. High quality of spring and US imported heat proof to ensure surface well touched and good air permeability.

Flatwork ironer it’s suitable to iron bed sheet from 1.7m to 3.3m,welcome by inn, hotel, hospital, or laundry washing plants, etc.

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