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Laundry Steam Boiler

We recommend three laundry steam boilers for customers who use steam,there are gas-type steam boilers,diesel-type steam boilers,and electric-type steam boilers.

The gas-type steam boilers has the characteristics of high thermal efficiency and output production cleanly, so it’s suitable for customers who can install natural gas pipelines or gas supplies cheaply. 

The speed of producing steam is 5 times higher than the electric stove.

Produce the same steam output with the electric stove and save 50% cost.

Gas is fully burned to ensure high heated efficiency,No black smoke,no smoke smell and no environmental pollution.

The diesel-type steam boilers has the characteristics of low cost and wide distribution of diesel fuel,It is suitable for customers with large diesel storage capacity.

Burned in the stove,no fire on the outside.Material is made of boiler tube that ensure the safety.

In case of producing the same steam output,it saves 70%cost than that used electricity,50% then that used petroleum gas.

The electric-type steam boilers is safety and simple in use,the produced product has less environmental pollution.

Adopt reasonable circuit system and normalized   electricity wiring. It's easy to operate.

The connections of electric component are safe and resistant to elevated temperatures

Adopt advantage connection between electric component and boiler which conform to maintain easily.

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