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  • Our showcase in overseas stores
  • Product loading to customer laundry room
    The loading team cooperates with the laundry equipment operation, professional forklift operation, solid wooden box packaging, all services are designed to make the machine less collision during transportation.
  • Customers visit Goworld laundry equipment factory and learning laundry knowledge
  • GOWORLD factory loading laundry machine
    Hotel washing machine,drying machine,bed sheet ironing machine are on hot sale season now,in this procurement season,
  • GOWORLD factory in china
    Laundry factory manufacturing the laundry equipment,such as washer extractor,tumble dryer,hospital washing machine,coin washing machine,coin dryer and laundry press etc.
  • Congratulations: GOWORLD LAUNDRY Poly Center Office officially opened for business
    Dangdangdang, please raise your little hands, warmly clap your hands heavily, 2019-7-8, the sales department of Foshan Goworld Laundry Equipment Machinery Co., Ltd. officially settled in Foshan Poly Center.
  • China laundry hospital on site
    The barrier washer extractor machine and drying machine of FOSHAN GOWORLD LAUNDRY Company enter the hospital laundry room.
  • Goworld factory safety production learning
    In recent years, international accidents have been heard, the Japanese nuclear accident, the suspension of the Boeing 737 MAX series aircraft, the African swine plague incident, this series of accidents involve different fields such as people, machines, or diet, but the common point is to fall in safety. on.
  • Foreign agents on-site service customer laundry room
    The video is about 2.5m flatwork ironer on site service,the agents after providing the debugging service, he was eager to take a precious video for us.
  • Customer training activities
    Foshan goworld Laundry Equipment Co., Ltd. has set up domestic sales department and international sales department.
  • Welfare strikes :the gospel of a large jeans factory
    The industrial washing machine is an old industrial washing equipment, mainly used for washing in jeans factories, but since most hotel users have switched to more advanced suspension washing machines, many of them have no longer produced.
  • Customer return visit- HK Gas Group Trip
    As a strategic partner of the gas Group South China region, our laundry equipment company went to Qingyuan, Guangdong Province on 29,Apr.2019 for a visit and exchange event.
  • Come on! 4-Roller Flatwork ironer with Folding Machine
    Flatwork ironer & Folding machine together for high hotel effective work. Star hotel laundry room large equipment introduction: 1. The steam ironing machine,its can saves energy when ironing bed sheet and its output is safe,so environmentally friendly,and meets the national industrial equipment use standards. There are 1, 2, 3, 4 rollers can be selected as needed. 2.The sheet folding machine can be used in combination with a ironing machine of more than 3 meters, and has an automatic folding integration function for the sheets or quilt covers, which can reduce working time and save labor costs. The equipment in the picture is a 4-roller steam ironing machine which works after connecting the folding machine, and the guest is checking the operation of the equipment then arrange to package.
  • Merry Christmas! the last time of promotion of Goworld Company in 2018 is coming,looking forward to your consultation
    At the end of the year,the bells sounded,and the joyful christmas songs followed.Before this festival,our company launch a series of special promotions to give back to the new and old customers. 15kg,25kg,50kg fully automatic washing machine surprise the price is waiting for you to consult! The last time of promotion of Goworld laundry company in 2018.
  • Goworld laundry equipment company activities
    Under the increasingly fierce competition in laundry industry,FoShan Goworld laundry Equipment Co., Ltd always adheres to the enterprise tenet of
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