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    These machines are usually used in the process after clothes washing.

    The utility laundry press machine is used for ironing clothes. We have many different type to meet customer need. All of the machines have good performance to make the clothes not easy to wrinkle.

    The garment form finisher machine can keep the various parts of woman skirt in a good shape.

    The laundry iron press has many type of ironing table, different iron arm design to meet a variety of customer, it is simple to operate, economical and practical.

    The stain removal spotting machine can be used to clean stains that are difficult to clean before washing. 

    The clothes packaging machine is easy to operate and occupies less space, it’s laundry shop clothes packaging good helper, which help you to protected cloth against dirty and dust, make the packing work easily and conveniently.

    The clothes conveyor machine is made of special stainless steel belt, has highly hardness with toughness and durability, good for cloth pick and place.

    Need more other laundry machines, feel free to contact us on line.We will 24hrs on line to support your business.

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