Focus on laundry equipment since 1989's

GOWORLD’s self-service laundry machine device to single drum or double drum type,variety series of washing machine,drying machine,stacking washing drying machine or stacking drying machine.

The machine is designed to be coin operated or IC card operated,convenient for machine users to self-service clothes,reducing machine owner labor costs.

Coin type: Strong coin controller which is guard against theft.

Card type: Adopt advanced induction type IC card intelligent control technology.

About washer,high confidentiality, and resist water to ensure operating properly in humid environment.

Easy to operate:  Computerized contact-mode control board is with Chinese and English language display. Many washing programs are for choice in an individualized way.

supply design: The customer can supply the detergent by manual, or by connecting automatic dosing controller.

About dryer, computer can be controlled easily. The drying material can be cool down automatically for safe use.

The machine is with wool fiber clean system, with cool and hot air choice programs, This can ensure the ideal drying effect, special for high grade clothes.

Four heating models for choice: electric heating ,steam heating ,LPG gas heating ,natural gas heating

All the self-service laundry machine production in strict accordance with CE standards,and our factory has passed the ISO9001 certification.

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