Focus on laundry equipment since 1989's

  • Stacking Washer Dryer

    GOWORLD’s stacking laundry equipment is divided into two series: commercial stacking washer dryer and combo stacking drying machine.

    Both series of the products have been researched and developed for a long time, some products are designed with different appearances even for the same model.they have the characteristic as following:

    computer control, with automatic programs and manual programs for choice, the working condition can be displayed on the screen directly.

    Two drums working can be done at the upper and nether machine together, improve the working efficiency, save the space and labor.

    The inner washing drum is designed with strong bearing structure to meet the high quality of washing and extracting need.

    Detergent could automatic feeding or manual feeding can be choose.

    About dryer: Four heating models for choice: electric heating ,steam heating ,LPG gas heating ,natural gas heating

    About the washer,there are cold water and hot water inlets, electric heating model,steam heating model for order.

    Commercial stacking laundry equipment suitable for self-employed or college student entrepreneurship to open a shop.

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