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Tumble Dryer Machine

Our tumble dryer machine is special for drying laundry cloth,capacity from 8kg to 150kg,which have large rated load,steel or stainless steel body.

The drum is designed to resist wrinkle and twining The machine is with wool fiber clean system, with cool and hot air choice programs ,This can ensure the ideal drying effect ,special for high grade clothes.

Compare with household dryer,the tumble dryer is produced as industrial grade standard,the heating method,which have electric heating,steam heating,LPG gas heating and natural gas heating.

It is available to set the temperature and drying time by will. It is with maximum temperature limit protect switch to ensure safe operation.

Heavy-duty drive and door system to make the machine run at low noise and steadily.

With on, off and temperature automatic shifting function .Improve heat efficiency

It is available to run in one-way direction and two-way direction.

Stainless steel drum., with over-load protection.

These series of tumble dryer machine are suitable for inns,hotel,hospital,laundry plants,etc. Have CE certification.

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